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1994 9c1 Police Package Blue Chevy Caprice
224,000 miles
VIN: 1G1BL52P1RR196622

Lovingly driven by me for 17 years. Succumbing to rust and other body damage/cosmetic issues. Issues with exhaust, driver mirror, warning lights (they've always been on since I bought it, but it runs well), emergency break, and overall RUST (including trunk and driver's side floor).

All these I believe could be remedied but the right restorer or collector. I however do not have those skills. Also, suitable as a part cart. Will no longer be legal in Mass because of the above issues, but could easily have exhaust remedied and be driveable in states with no safety inspection. I would fix the pertinent issues no doubt, if it meant I could continue to drive her.

The car needs a new home outside MA where it can be re-finished. Mechanically I think its great (except for exhaust). Or great car for an Imapala SS / 9c1 lover who needs a backup LT1 or nice interior parts. Other parts such as Alternator, Starter, Water pump, Fuel pump, Transmission have all been replaced over the years.

Would love to find her a new loving home (even if that means She donates her part to another Imapala SS or 9c1.

260-hp LT1 engine with a 4-speed automatic and 330 lb-ft of torque, 5.7L, is completely operational, oil changes every 3,000 miles or so. Although it may burn some oil as I have never tampered with it. No deletes.

Still jumps up and takes off when you hammer down. Smooth ride but lots of cabin noise due to the repairs I've delayed knowing MA could no longer be here home.

New hood- I failed to latch mine after jumping my battery (battery now replaced and less than 1 year old) and the hood flew open. Windshield did not break, but new hood has no hydraulic assist.
New Trunk, because I was headed to get an inspection 4 years ago and got rear-ended.

Been totaled, Salvage/Owner Retained title now (for last 15 years!). Framed pull my my excellent mechanic in Watertown, laser guided precision. Been driven since with no issues/no weird tire wear or pull.

I've also replaced Thermometer, Fuel Pump, Alternator, Power Steering in the past. Never anything with the Corvette engine itself. Exhaust needs to be replaced badly.

Low heat and no AC currently (probably needs seals or something).

This vehicle is being sold" AS IS". There are NO WARRANTIES express or implied. This vehicle has an available CAR FAX HISTORY REPORT. All transportation costs, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer and not included in the purchase price listed above.

Please ask any and all questions/offers. I've never sold a car before, have appreciated this forum (lurked here since I got her), and know of all places this could be one of the few that might do right by her.



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