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So I tried this once before and people either were in far states or never came through... Just don't drive it and it's taking up space.

Same as last time, you come and get it, cash. I'm not interested in shipping anywhere (especially out of the country, do people do that still...).

It has sat outside for the past year at the new house.

I am the second owner.

1994 ImpalaSS in garage 160430 - Album on Imgur

Was in my garage for near four years (2011/12 - 2016/04)
Stock wheels with Kumho ASX in stock size and almost new Winter 17" Steel wheels with Blizzaks, less than 6,000 on them.
This was my daily driver from the time I bought it with 38k in 2/98.
New level 2 transmission ($1900) with less than 5,000 miles on it.
Replaced Opti, plugs, wires, coil about 10k ago.
SSBC stainless steel front dual piston calipers, new stock rears, Hawk pads all around, SSBC rotors all around about 6,000 (the dual piston calipers will not fit behind 15" rims).
1996 CD deck with working VSS.
Upgraded ECM.
AIR pump deleted.
ORIGINAL. Stealth Ram Intake (orignal plumbing included with purchase).
I have a Buick frame brace still wrapped.
METCO upper/lower rear control arms.
F-body from sway bar and the original big solid rear bar (wow, I can't remember the guy's name who sold them before everyone else jumped on the band wagon).
Red SSLED bowtie with on/off switch.
Antenna switch.
Alternator and starter replaced less than 10k ago (gotta love lifetime warranty...)
New radiator about 20k ago.
New battery about a year ago.

Things I know need fixed.
AC needs recharged (leaked out while sitting in garage)
Top dash pad has crack.
Both front seat bottoms need replaced. All other seat leather is good.
Paint is worn and has some chips.
Surface rust on frame and inside parts of engine bay.
Was in two minor accidents back in the early 2000's. Professionally repaired.

I have some spare parts too, included.

Will sell only local to Ohio.
Contact me via PM or

timothy dot R dot Lynch @ gmail . Com
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