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1995 9C1 Intermittent Dash Display Fix

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After 200,000 miles of trusty service, my speedometer and odometer display would intermittently black out. There have been lots written about this, however, I didn’t see many pics of the failure mode for the 94/95 model years. The speedo is an easy part to access; takes about ten minutes to remove. There are lots of excellent sites that show the disassemble procedure.

Here was the problem with mine. Severe pitting at the contact points.

Appears to be a bit of solder transfer from the pads to the pins. All the spring loaded pins looked level and still had good “spring”. I would recommend not prying up on any of these unless they look to be sacked. I left them alone with the solder and all, only cleaning them with a little isopropyl.

A quick resolder and cleaning.

Display is like new after this repair. The photos only show one level of contact points. There are actually two rows of contacts, one row at the top and one row at the bottom of the circuit board. Both rows had identical pitting.
Cant complain after 17 years and 200,000 miles. This may be good for another 200,000!

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Dash display fix for a 1995.

Ogre, thanks for the info and excellent photo's on the 95 dash fix. I think this problem/ fix may apply to the 94 model year as well. With these B body cars and their age, replacement parts are getting increasingly harder to come by. It is good that there are repairs the owners can do without trying to find NOS or salvage parts ( which may have the same problem as the one on the car.)
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