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1995 9C1 Intermittent Dash Display Fix

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After 200,000 miles of trusty service, my speedometer and odometer display would intermittently black out. There have been lots written about this, however, I didn’t see many pics of the failure mode for the 94/95 model years. The speedo is an easy part to access; takes about ten minutes to remove. There are lots of excellent sites that show the disassemble procedure.

Here was the problem with mine. Severe pitting at the contact points.

Appears to be a bit of solder transfer from the pads to the pins. All the spring loaded pins looked level and still had good “spring”. I would recommend not prying up on any of these unless they look to be sacked. I left them alone with the solder and all, only cleaning them with a little isopropyl.

A quick resolder and cleaning.

Display is like new after this repair. The photos only show one level of contact points. There are actually two rows of contacts, one row at the top and one row at the bottom of the circuit board. Both rows had identical pitting.
Cant complain after 17 years and 200,000 miles. This may be good for another 200,000!

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Thread restoration

This was the best thread I found on speedometer / cluster repairs.

These are a copy of Ogre's pics.


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Thread restoration.

ShudahadaV8 did an exceptional bit of troubleshooting on the dash issue (look for shoulda's post in this thread). The contact fix I outline lasted a little while, however, shoulda's fix has been going strong for two years now...nice job! Hats off.
Dash display is still working great thanks to shoulda. Four years now. :grin2:

These were hard to take pictures that show a common problem with the cluster boards.

These are a copy of ShudahadaV8's pictures.


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Thread restoration..

These are a copy of ShudahadaV8's pictures.


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These displays are 28 years old and are exposed to extreme hot and cold.

Your problem may be more than solder can fix.

Recheck the work you have done with magnification (X10 or better) Hand magnifier or digital camera picture on a computer works well.

Today i resolder the daugther board
The daughter board should not be able to change the odometer number. The number change may be the result of static damage or (usually) bad contact between the display and the main circuit board.

There is a small chance your problem is the display connection.

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When you resolder the contacts they must remain the same length, width and height and must be cleaned after the work. Too high or too low will make a new problem I do not like doing this work and check the height with a micrometer (before and after)

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The display contacts need to be clean enough to conduct electricity.

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after installing the cluster have 400.000 mls more...
This may be the result of bad contact between the display and the main circuit board.

You may have to consider that electronic parts or integrated circuit chips have failed.

There are still several companies repairing these clusters.
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Tomorrow i check the work and post a few pics.
It would be better if you start a new thread and post you problem and pictures in the new thread.

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No one can diagnose your exact problem over the internet.
got in the car a little while later and started up and it came up perfectly bright.
it a bad ground or just age?
There is a low probability it has anything to do with ground. If you always have the correct odometer reading cleaning or soldering the contact pads will probably not fix it.

From this end of the keyboard you are describing a problem with the high voltage circuit and resoldering the smaller board's parts then resodering it to the main board might fix it.
shudahadaV8 describes what needs to be done. For most cases someone with average soldering skills who follows shudahadaV8's instructions and looks at the pictures I reposted will end up with a working cluster. If the soldering dose not help it may be a bad electronic part. If you find someone who has a oscilloscope and understands shudahadaV8's waveforms and circuit description they might be able to fix it.

Can the cold cause this or aggravate it?
The cluster was designed and or manufactured badly. Some were failing during warranty. Some lasted a long time.

If you have not done circuit board soldering before send it to a repair depot. They would be the only people who might have the unique spare electronic parts
If you have repaired electronics before you should know about the solder cracks and issues shudahadaV8 spent time documenting.

This is a thread that needs to be read from first to last post before working on the cluster. Orge's pad repairs usually do not fix the display's problems. shudahadaV8's pictures of the cracked solder should convince most people to do his repair.

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