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Good friend of mine has a 95 LT1 Caprice Wagon with paraplegic controls that had the compressor take a dump on him recently. I figured it to be massive, critical failure (which it was), so we got together a new compressor, orifice tube, condenser, drier, seals, and prepared for a full flush.

New condenser:

Results after the third of 4 flushes through the AC lines:

Third of 4 flushes through evaporator core:

Powdered metal splatter flushed out of evaporator:

Vacuumed the bejeezus out of it for over an hour to make sure it was clean:

She's back to running colder than a well digger's crack.

Temps down here range from 84-93F with humidity from 60-90% right now, so this a welcome reprieve. :smile2:
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