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So, i am selling my SS. i just dont drive it much anymore. 1200 miles last year. Craigslist ad is here.

i havent been on here in a long time, i changed my password a while back and could never log on after that. i never had alot to say anyways.

Additional things i didnt mention in the ad, people unfamiliar with the car wont comprehend.
Interior is in normal condition. drivers seat is starting to go, rest are good.
At some point i think the oil pressure sender was changed, and is not the correct one. The oil pressure reads low on the gauge. it moves a little with throttle too. When i first got this car in 2013, i thought this was something to be concerned about. to the point were i picked up another engine with aspirations of building something with a little more power. that never materialized, i was struggling with taking a perfectly good running engine out of a car..... i have put lots of miles on the car, and judging from the amount of oil it leaked out when either the opti or waterpump seal went, it has good oil pressure....
The car leaked alot of fluids when i got it, another reason for the other engine. those have mostly been attended too, what i thought was a leaky rear main, turned out to be the intake. but the crank seal weeps some.
The turn signal doesnt cancel out. i think its the right.
The headliner is coming down some.
clear is fading from the front bumper, rear is ok, paint is chipping off the spoiler.
shortly after i got the car i took off the stock exhaust and put on a pypes system.
It has just been PA inspected. The inspection mech suggested the passanger side idler arm be replaced for next inspection. the air pump has been removed.
Drivers seat moves up, but sometimes its grumpy about going back.
The rear drivers corner behind the wheel has some bondo in it. it looks fine, and i wouldnt have noticed it except i took off the wheel well mouldings to paint them after the vinyl started to peel, and could see it then.
The wheels are decent, not perfect.
This isnt a show car. its a daily driver, although i never drove it in the winter. Starts right up and goes, all the time. New walmart battery too. yeah, i know....i was in a pinch.

I'm not dying to sell, its paid for, i have the title, but i do have my sights set on a first gen monte. I would rather sell it to someone here than the idiots wasting my time on Craigslist.

i dont log on here much. email me. [email protected] more pics, video, no problem if you would like.
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