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i have a 95 impala ss gray green in color, completely stock,
has rebuilt trans almost 20k miles on it, water pump was done a couple years ago heater core done last summer, engine oil cooler lines also done last summer, radiator done last summer also, both seats replaced with seats that were not ripped,just replaced driver seat track [ to was broken] replaced all of the broke window regulator rollers, replaced the drive side window regulator [ one roller mount broke off ] did small tune up plugs and wires [ ac delco parts ] front brakes done 6 months ago [ new pads and rotors], just replaced rear rotors and pads, [ ac delco parts ] 4 brand new 255/50r17 nexan tires are on, replaced all shocks with KYB. right rear one was leaking, ac blows cold, heat is hot, just needs a new home,

asking $6300 or best offer.

looking for parts to finish 9c1 need normal gray door panels, as well as cloth or ss gray seats, also will trade for another car plus cash
looking for a hood for cowl, ram air or something different for my maroon ss, and any other goodies i might like, also smooth bumpers, possibly a 6 speed swap ect, its not a daily driver


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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