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I am the second owner of this car and have had it since 2002. Maintained well and currently has 83,000 or so miles on it. Louisiana tagged and registered. Most of the work performed on this car has been done by me. The car is clean, but has blemishes and dings from being driven and for being 23 years old. There is paint fade in a couple of spots, was hit in the rear / repaired about 13 years ago, the dash has a crack in it (dash pad over it), the driver’s seat has small tears, I wrapped the worn steering wheel, I add a can of R-134a each summer, so there is a small leak somewhere. Performance wise, it ran the ¼ mile in 14.667 at 93.34 MPH in 2002 and in 2004 was dyno’d at 252 RWHP / 303 RWTQ before headers and retune. At the end of the day, this is a strong car that still turns heads today as I still get approached at gas stations to chat about it. I simply do not have the space for the car anymore, I have other projects to work on, and I’d like for someone to take it home and love and enjoy it as much as I once did. Asking price is $10,000.

Listed below are changes made over the years including the brand and year for each. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. I will be as clear and open about this car as possible.


ACDelco water pump (2015)
Skip White optispark (2015)
Clear Image Tri-Y headers (2004)
Taylor 8mm spark plug wires (2004)
GM LT4 knock module (2003)
PCMforLess performance tune (2003)
Throttle body coolant bypass (2002)
RAISS cold air intake (2002)
Summit Turbo mufflers & crossover pipe (2002)
Crane Gold 1.6 roller rockers (prior owner)
Hypertech 160 F thermostat (prior owner)

Suspension / Brakes:

Centric front discs (2014)
Hawk street brake pads (2014) - I forget the model number
Timken wheel bearings / seals (2014)
Stealth brake bolt mod (2003)
Gorilla wheel locks (2002)
Mueller body bushing mod (2002)


Wheelskins steering wheel cover - baseball stitching (2016)
Dash cover (2016)
Spectra premium heater core (2015)
Odometer fade resolder (2012)


Pioneer DEH-P77DH head unit (2002)
Focal 165 V2 6.5” component speakers up front (2002)
Rear shelf speakers deleted (2002)
Kicker C10a free-air subwoofers (2002)
US Acoustics USB-2150 amplifiers (2009)
2S Manufacturing (Scott Williams) trunk kit (2002)

Additional / bonus items that will go with car if I find them:

Car Craft car cover
Interior panel clips (yellow Christmas tree clips)
Window track rollers (three total)
HVAC knobs (two total)
Hypertech power programmer
Original exhaust manifolds
Original catalytic converters
Original air intake piping
Original rear speakers
Original stereo head unit


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