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171,XXX miles I’m the second owner. Bought car with 82,XXX miles. After 50,XXX miles I gave up on the unreliable LT1 and put in a LS2 out of a 2005 ‘Vette. Also a RPM-built 4L60E. Engine had 35,xxx on it when I bought it and obvious the tranny is basically new when installed. So the engine has a total of 74,xxx miles and the tranny has just shy of 40,000 miles.

When I put the LS2 in it I asked the tuner for about 360 honest HP. I had no intention of racing the car and that power level should be very reliable. So she dyno’ed out at 365 HP. I have the dyno sheet and the build sheet but I’ll have to look for them. This is the engine the car should have had in the first place.

DOES NOT LEAK OR BURN LUBE OIL. (Emphasis intended)

All the LS2 swap issues (FEAD, oil pan, etc) issues have been satisfactorily resolved. If you’ve done a LS swap, you know these issues are rarely show-stoppers but collectively a PITA regardless. Next own can forget those.

Don’t ask me what it does in the quarter. I’ve never raced it. Considering it has 3.08 road cruiser gears probably nothing special. But – Oh! Lordy! Will this baby go 40-105, and that is just the performance I need for the limited passing windows I see a lot of around here. Gets 19 MPG no matter how you drive it. I run Shell or Sunoco 93 octane gas in it.

Obviously the car is not a garage queen or a weekend toy. It is a warm weather driver. The car has never seen anything but the inside of a garage Thankgiving to mid-April. The original owner never Ziebarted it (a necessity for winter drivers in central Indiana. Also the car has OEM-sized Nitto 555 summer high performance tires. Wonderful tire til the temp gets under 50, so winter garaging continues.

But in warm weather, it is a blue collar working car. About 7,500 miles a year. As a result the paint and body show the effects of the slings and arrows of outrageous traffic. Repainted it about 8 years ago, but there are chips.

NO RUST! (Shout intended)

Other mods
Mild street cam
Mid-length SS headers
Borla exhaust
I did the 96 odometer fix described in top sticky of “Electrical” forum.

Other than that, she is as Chevy made her. Everything is OEM. Including the stereo & speakers.

The R-134a A/C blows 44 degree supply air and the heater – well, I don’t know as I never drive in cold weather.

Indiana has no emissions testing. Take her to another state and you’re on your own. Clean-running LS engines are not difficult to bring into compliance for most states.

Rear seats are pristine and the front passenger seat is nearly so. Driver’s seat shows wear but no tears.
OEM Impala SS wheels. Like I said Nitto 555 summer high performance tires.
To my knowledge, everything (including the power antenna) works. NO LED lights. All OEM.

Car has lots of possibilities. Jump in and drive it til the tires get cold. The car would make a wonderful starting point for a custom machine.

Car is located in suburban Indianapolis.
$23,000. Cash or cashier’s check. I’ll take 15 one-ounce Kruegerrands.

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A lot? How much is "A lot?"

Done any LS swaps lately?

This car is road-ready at an absolute minimum.

Alternately, it is ready to be made into something special.

Don't expect Impala-welfare.

Do you see value or price?
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