Mileage:94000 M
Trim:Collectors edition
Hey all, my vehicle needs have changed, and I'm posting my RMW for sale. Most of the good pictures of it are on my old phone, I'll get that booted up and post them tomorrow. Here's the details:

1996 Roadmaster wagon, one tank of gas shy of 94,000 miles, original Arizona car, clean title, 2.5 owner.

I bought this car in June of 21 with 83k miles on it from the second owner, who was the son in law of the original owner and was around the vehicle since purchased new. Besides a 2 year stint in Virginia for the previous owner's work, it's a through and through Arizona car, with ZERO rust and a lot of sun damage. The previous owner replaced the stock intake with a straight tube, and had it tuned by PCMforless for premium fuel, not sure when that was done. Previous owner also straight piped it, which was obscenely loud, I had magnaflows put back on and now sounds nice, if still somewhat too loud. It had been sitting for a while when I purchased it, so I replaced the radiator to fix an overheating issue, as well as all of the radiator and heater core lines. The car has had zero issues with temperature since, even when the AC is blowing nice and cold. I also replaced the front control arms with Moog parts, so new bushings and balljoints, along with swaybar bushings and endlinks, along with all the bushings in the rear end besides the two in the center of the axle. The steering gear is original, given the low mileage I didn't notice any issues. I replaced the shocks with new KYB gas-adjusts, and I replaced the rubber spring isolators. I've replaced the front pads, the rubber brake lines on all 4 corners, and flushed the fluid, the vehicle stops as it should now. I've replaced the optispark, you can read my thread on that but since then it's been running excellently. I've also replaced every fluid: oil when needed, trans drain and fill, antifreeze, coolant, power steering, brake, and differential fluid. I also added late model Camaro 18 inch steelies with adaptor spacers, running fresh Falken Ziex tires.

In my ownership, I've done a roadtrip from AZ to WA and back down the coast, the vehicle handled excellently for the entire 4000 miles, the only issue I had was a old vacuum boot splitting. I camped in the back, enjoyed the stars through the vista window, and had some fun on the twisty coastal roads of OR and CA. Since then, it's been a good daily driver around Phoenix, and has taken me to San Diego and back a few times.

The car comes with the original wheels and centercaps with no tires mounted, and the roof bars, which are not mounted.

The good: Low mile, rust free, well maintained RMW with no accidents, all the interior electrics work, with an aggressive campaign to eliminate old rubber from the car. Maintained by someone who knows what I'm doing. Comes with 5 OEM wheels, roof rack bars, and shorty headers that neither the PO or I have got around to installing.

The bad: The car leaks. A lot. From the oil pan, the oil filter, possibly the rear main seal, and the transmission. Besides, that, essentially just platform inherent issues. I'm not a fan of the MPG (16-19), the turn radius, and the echoy interior is getting old.

The ugly: Sun faded exterior. Paint still has clearcoat, but you can see it's getting thin. Vinyl woodgrain is toast on the passenger side and rear. Window tint on all but the front windows is old and cooked, wont be easy to remove. Various stains on the carpet, drivers seat is dirty in a way that I haven't been able to fix. Missing C pillar door flyaway panels. Missing pull-shade for vista roof. Front passenger seatback pocket doesn't want to stay attached. Passenger front cupholder is broken. Some freeway drone.

I'm open to offers, I'd rather have the car on it's way than sitting around waiting for a full offer. For the price of gas and my flight home, I'll deliver anywhere in the southwest. Thanks for reading