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1996 Buick Roadmaster wagon wheel & tire size

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Hi! I'm new to this forum and just purchased a low-mileage '96 Buick Roadmaster wagon. I want to get some Torq Thrust II wheels (or something similar) but don't know whether to go with a 16", a 17" or an 18" (figure on them being 8" wide). I want the wheels/tires to fill the wheel well for a modern version of the classic look. The wagon will be a cruiser and I have no intention right now to modify the suspension. Which diameter wheel is BEST supported by the aftermarket? What is a reasonable width to look aggressive but not rub the fender lips? What offset should I look for?


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@cwkamin -- good luck with the wheels, you've got plenty of good advice above.

Do you have photos and some history about your car?
Here is a RMW with 18x8 Ridler 695 and Nitto 255x45ZR18 summer tires -- she may be mine by Saturday (Edit: I just acquired it! More to come in a separate thread. The OEM wheels come with the car and may replace the Ridlers for a smooth Buick ride OR I may replace the Nitto tires with Continental CrossContact LX25 in 255x55R18 to add traction and about an inch of sidewall -- I have not decided yet).

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