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1996 Buick Roadmaster wagon wheel & tire size

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Hi! I'm new to this forum and just purchased a low-mileage '96 Buick Roadmaster wagon. I want to get some Torq Thrust II wheels (or something similar) but don't know whether to go with a 16", a 17" or an 18" (figure on them being 8" wide). I want the wheels/tires to fill the wheel well for a modern version of the classic look. The wagon will be a cruiser and I have no intention right now to modify the suspension. Which diameter wheel is BEST supported by the aftermarket? What is a reasonable width to look aggressive but not rub the fender lips? What offset should I look for?


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Thanks for all of the input! I'm not really inclined to go any larger than an 18" wheel. I presume the 255 width works well with an 8" wide wheel? The deciding factor, then, for me would be the wheel size which has the most support/options from the tire industry. Like I said, I don't want any rubbing issues and my main goal is to have a classic looking wheel with a wider tire (with a real sidewall for ride/handling) and to keep the wheel well from looking "empty".

I'll have some pics shortly, its being shipped right now. It's a 48k mile car and the elderly male owner recently passed away. The guy I bought it from got it at the family's estate sale- he is an MG/Avanti guy and couldn't pass it up when he saw it but elected to move on to another project. It's metallic blue with (of course) the LT1. More to come shortly, the wagon is currently in transit. :)

My plan is to tint the rear windows, do the wheels/tires and a cat-back exhaust system of some type (preferably Flowmasters) and then ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT!

I really like the way your wagon looks with the Torq Thrust's 17x8 wheels/tires. What size tire (width) did you go with and have you experienced any rubbing issues? What offset for the wheels? If I went with the 18 for more support from the tire industry, I could just go with a slightly lower tire profile to keep the height of the tire in the same ballpark.

Based on everyone's input and personal choices I'd like to go with a Torq Thrust 18x8 with a 255/55R18... The stock 225/75R15 should be approx 28.3" tall and 8.9" wide, while the 255/55R18 should be 29" tall and 10" wide (this is per specs). It looks like there are plenty of options for this size tire as well.

Any thoughts/concerns? The American Racing website for Classic Torq Thrust II wheels states that 18"x8" wheel is only available with a 00mm offset. I don't know what the backspacing would be compared to the stock wheel..
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