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My 96 Caprice is up for sale. Decided to put it up for sale here first to see if a fellow B body enthusiast was interested. If this doesn’t work out it will probably go up locally on craigslist, then part-out/junkyard if still no takers. Its been a great vehicle for over 20 years and is by no means perfect but the drivetrain is solid and could be a good 2nd vehicle, winter beater or car for a teenager to get to and from work/school.

1996 Caprice with 5.7 and tow package
About 275,000 miles
Single family owner.
Factory motor and trans, neither have been re-built.
Vehicle is all stock/factory replacement parts except 3:42 rear gears and the LT4 starter.
Have a set of Black steel wheels not seen in the pictures.

--"Recent” Maintenance:
Motor oil changed every 3000 miles
175,000 – Radiator and hoses
186,000 – Fuel Pump
190,000 – Rear brakes, axle bearings and seals, Front brakes and bearings
210,000 – Spark Plugs
214,000 – Belt tensioner
237,000 – Front brakes (pads and rotors)
241,000 – Front driver window motor and rollers. Water pump and spark plug wires
243,000 – New Opti and WP seal
246,000 – Front end steering linkage and tie rods
263,000 - AC compressor, lines and accumulator
265,000 – New flexplate, starter and torque converter
269,000 – Fuel pump
270,000 – Battery

--Known issues:
Standard 20 year old GM car small drip oil leaks
Small exhaust leak on passenger side manifold. Subsides when engine warms up.
Power antenna disconnected. Fixed in the extended position.
Some paint chips here and there.
Right rear quarter panel has large dent.
Right and left rear quarters have rust spots behind wheel wells. Trunk can get wet driving in heavy rain.
Rust holes in rear wheel wells have been patched with fiberglass bondo.

Vehicle is located in northern CT.
Can send more pics if interested.
Asking price $800


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