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1996 DCM Impala SS

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I'm parting out my 96 DCM Impala SS, it was wrecked in front so both front fenders of the car are bad along with passenger side door getting beat up pretty good and rear passenger side lower quarter as well...body-wise rear drivers side quarter is good as well as both rear doors, driver's side door a bit bent up on front edge but good otherwise also the rearend should be good its stock 3.08 and has ABS disc brakes of course...and basically interior is up for grabs also...
will try and figure out prices ASAP as I realize I have to on here! Just overwhelming how much stuff interior-wise that I have to price and I will also try and get pics up as well now that alot of interior has been stripped out...
only main details I can think of at the moment about interior condition is:
*Driver's seat has a fair amount of wear with the passenger seat being better and the rear seats are in pretty darn good condition other then a few little cuts on the lower part
*Dashpad I believe has small crack near front defroster
*and unfortunately the center console has a crack near impala logo and both holes where it bolts to floor in center console storage cracked although that could be salvaged with some bigger washers
*Now with the door panels both front and rear have been cut to fit speaker pods so if your interested in doing that mod to your audio the rear door panels are in great shape and fronts in alright shape
*and finally carpet def not in that great of shape if anyone was wondering

Also would be willing to sell the car with interior minus my speaker pods, speakers, stereo, I do have original stereo to car as well
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Looking for a driver side side-view mirror...

I'll shoot you a PM with some of my old part out threads to give you an idea of pricing.

do u have the moldings for the back wheel well
looking for front and rear seats , bumper trim that's in bumper center ( on Caprice it's chrome ) , passenger side mirror ?
Console lid?

Did you get my PM about the console lid?


Richard Snipes
4501 Safari in Jax, FL
Sorry all today was pull motor and tranny night so I've been very busy since I made this thread but we got 'em out...and WOW def lucky im in such a solid car because for example the transmission could easily be used as a cut-away diagram of how it works...I.E cracked and broken off chunks all over...
also very glad my high-flow cats and Tri-Y IIs are alright driver's side only had one ding and passenger side has a few one being a fairly big dent (BUT I plan I keeping my headers&cats btw!)

Also sorry but keeping PCM too as I like to have 2 PCMs around for tuning and not having the car have to sit as its my DD

Thanks Pooge about the pricing because thats why I've taken forever to even post about my wreck...the pricing is really overwhelming to me...
I will start getting back to PMs ASAP as well!!!
PM sent
is it a shifter console??????
Is the engine wiring harness complete and in good shape?
I'll take the front two arm rests. if there are no broken tabs or cuts.
pm about motor.
I need the chrome trim around the windows for ALL doors and the dash pad! Please send me a PM with info THANKS!
door panels

Would like to see the two front door panels w/ the pods ;)
How much for the complete center console, shifter w/cable?? I'd like the whole shootin' match... Thanx
Howdy again. I'm also interested in the screw covers for the door pulls. I need just about all of them. Also, How do you PM? Can you send me one? I'm just getting started into all of this. Gotta work on a sig........Sorry for the second post... Guys, don't think i'm an idiot, i'm trying to learn this... Thanx Agin...
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