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1996 Impala SS Maroon 160K Many Upgrades

Ok here is the deal. This is my 1996 Impala that I have owned for 10 years now. Over the years I have been trying to slowly bring it back to tip top condition. I have used this forum for advice as to what aftermarket parts to install. Over the years it has been off the road being worked on more than being used. I bought it with 150K miles but the odometer faded away. I am guessing there are about 160K on it now but don't have a way to know for sure. I purchased the fix for it but never had taken out the dash to fix it. I really do not want to get rid of this car but I can't find any mechanics with pride or true knowledge to fix it. When I lowered the car it hit a sewer cap that was sticking high up in the air on a block that was being torn up. I was only doing about 15mph when the cap hit the k-frame of my car. The air bags blew out and cracked my windshield. It also put a few cracks on my dashboard near the passenger airbag. I had plans to buy new seat skins and redo the interior. Life got in the way. I did order a brand new ultra plush mass backed carpet for 400$ that I never installed. I also have a brand new in the box factor seatbelt for the rear and I tracked down the rest used from different sources. I cleaned them all up and they look new. I have invested well over 20k into this car. I have a folder with all my receipts that I have to find. I never would have had this problem if the many mechanics I asked to raise my car didn't give me every excuse in the world not to just put it on the lift and do it. I have changed almost every single part on this car that you can think of and now I'm at the point where I am pretty much being forced to sell it. I have some people saying the frame can be pulled and others saying I need to find a used one and replace it. The problem is everyone is all talk and no action. I have been trying to get this done for a year now. I know this car has to be worth a few grand the way it sits. How many people have spent thousands between clear image tri-y stainless steel headers and exhaust in this forum? I am offering around 1000$ in extras with this car so I don't think my asking price is unreasonable. Part it out or fix it. If I can't get my selling price maybe someone could give me advice as how to fix my frame. If you have a stock Impala you are looking to upgrade then this is a great buy for you.

Things that do not work as far as i know are the windshield wipers. Only 2 speeds work. I think it needs a motor. Odometer is out. I have the fix for it. Anti lock brake light is on. Antenna is broken. Windshield wiper fluid lines broken. Car was running well before sewer cap incident.

As far as cosmetic condition.... car was painted a few years ago, although they did a crappy job. I have a polyurethane bumper that is chipped and cracked. There are some normal dings and scratches in places. The hood needs to be adjusted as you can see the lines are off. Like most impalas the seats are torn in places. The ash tray needs replacing. I unhooked one side of the horn because it got stuck.

2100 rpm stall converter
corvette servo
Heavy duty clutches
Denny 3.5 aluminum driveshaft
Clear image stainless steel tri-y headers
Performance cats
Borla stainless steel exhaust
racetronix walbro fuel pump setup
Hotchkiss front + rear sway bars
Hotchkiss lowering springs all around
UMI rear control arms
SSBC front + rear duel piston calipers
Stainless steel brake lines
Moser axles
Eaton carrier with 3:73 gears
Stealth brake bolt mod
140 amp chrome alternator
billet aluminum engine dress
Competition cams rocker arms
Beehive springs
k & n air filter setup
Heavy gauge power and ground to battery
Goodyear hoses
chrome waterpump


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