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Hello all,

We are selling off one of our Impala SS's. Too many cars, need to thin the heard a bit.


I've owned the car since 2006. Since then I've put ~ 25K miles on it and in that time I have replaced the following:

1.) Radiator
2.) Timing chain and sprockets
3.) Water pump
4.) Removed and flushed out all Dexcool coolant and replaced with standard coolant
5.) Air conditioning compressor, line seals, orifice and accumulator
6.) OEM leather seats with custom leather seats (front and back) from and custom made floor mats.
7.) OEM headlamps with the BMW style halo-Hella headlamps.
8.) Upper and lower ball joints, idler, and tie rods.
9.) Had front end alignment done
10.) Replaced brake pads, had rotors turned.
11.) OEM 180 thermostat with a 160 thermostat
12.) Had a custom tune reflashed onto ECM, also had cooling fan turn on temps lowered.
13.) OEM valve rockers with roller rockers
14.) Built up transmission (4l60E) to handle higher engine power after it sheared the output shaft in two.

Transmission build included a new hardened output shaft, front and rear planetary sets, Red Eagle Alto frictions with Kolene steels, new stator support, seals, bushings, new Borg Warner one way sprag, Red Eagle Alto band, beast sun shell, new accumulator pistons and a new Edge torque converter rated for 500 hp.

You can follow my work when I rebuilt the transmission in 2010 that is stickied in the Drivetrain section.

This is a clean example of last year of the "B" body offered by Chevrolet. The '94 and '95 Impala SS's do not come with a floor shift, nor analog gauges with a tach as this one does. The '96 also allowed simple reflashing of the ECU. The interior is tastefully updated making this the kind of car you can just drive and enjoy.$9500 or best offer


Thanks for looking!
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