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Pics: 1996 Impala SS

I am selling my much-loved but no longer needed 1996 Impala Super Sport. I've owned this car for 15+ years and it's been the best car I've ever owned. Sadly, I now find myself with too many cars and too many projects, and the Impala is no longer being driven, so I'm looking to sell. I will do my best to list as much as I know about the car (including any faults) to hopefully answer all your questions beforehand and save us some time.

Exterior Walkaround:
Engine and Interior:


Yes, the mileage is high. This car was my daily driver until last year and I drove quite a bit. That said, the engine was replaced (with a ~30k mileage donor engine from another 1996 Impala) about 50k miles ago, so roughly 80k miles on the engine. The engine has full-bearing aluminum roller rocker arms (crane?) and has been reprogrammed by PCMforLess to free us some additional horsepower and squeeze out a little more MPG (if you can behave). The car has Edelbrock headers, Flowmaster dual 2 1/2" stainless exhaust (with h-pipe), and K&N intake. The catalytic converters are brand-new and it easily passes CA smog.

The transmission was rebuilt by a local shop about 3-4 years ago. At that time, I had the shop install a shift-improvement kit (Transgo HD2) as well as a higher stall torque converter (I believe 2800 stall and it was either an Edge or Yank, I can't remember). The shifts are now much more positive than the granny configuration these cars came with, and the TC stall is much better for this heavy of a car. I also have the 4L60E B&M shift improver kit (002514?) installed, but is no longer used since having the transmission rebuilt with the shift kit and PCM retune.

The rearend was recently rebuilt (2-3 years ago) and I wish I'd done it sooner. I had installed a Torsen style 'Tru-Trac' differential to replace the worn out old posi, as well as having the gearing changed to 3.42 (from 3.08). The car feels much more lively off the line with this improved gearing and hooks up much better with the Tru-Trac. The entire rearend was of course rebuilt as this time (professionally), new bearings and seals, the whole 'master rebuild' kit, along with a 'Perfect Launch' reinforced differential cover.

I don't remember the specifics of the brakes, but high performance cross-drilled rotors and high performance pads have been added. Additionally, the proportioning/metering upgrades have been done on this car to get the braking as optimized as possible.


The front end steering has been recently rebuilt. New tire rods, ball joints, idler arm, and even steering box to help firm up the steering. I was sure to use quality parts and source a steering box with the correct quick-ratio steering for the Super Sport.

The suspension is riding on Vogtland springs up front and Moog drop spring replacement in the rear. The rear Vogtland springs I had for years began to sag, the Moog springs ride extremely well and sit properly. All around, 'sport' (stiffer) Bilstein shocks dampen. The car is lowered approximately 1 1/2"-2". I believe the front Vogtlands are also beginning to sag, at east on one side, so I might suggest replacing them down the road. As it is, it rides really well.In the rear, the control arms have been replaced with PMT (Pure Muscle) fabrication extended and adjustable tubular control arms in order to stiffen the movement as well as center the rear axle in the wheel openings. In order to accommodate the repositioning of the axle, an extended length aluminum driveshaft has been installed, with new u-joints.

I had a radiator explode a few years ago, it was replaced with a factory-style replacement. At this time, a complete cooling system flush was completed and new water pump and thermostat installed.


Anyone familiar with this era LT1 knows the weakness of the engine is the optispark distributor. I've been through several, usually NOS OEM replacements but those supplies dried up years ago. I do not recall what is in there now (Skip White maybe?) but it has been reliable and never skipped a beat for several years.

The alternator was replaced about 5 years ago, I believe with a 140A replacement, it works well and makes no noises. Also on electrical, the Innovative Wiring 'big three' wiring upgrades have been installed to increase electrical performance and reliability. I also installed the cooling-fan wiring/relay kit, which is a nice upgrade for reliability. One radiator cooling fan motor was replaced with new, about 4-5 years ago.


The stereo features a 7" double-din Android head unit, upgraded 6.75 inch Pioneer 280watt component speakers, two Pioneer 10" shallow mount subwoofers in custom enclosures (no space in the trunk sacrificed, full-size spare still installed) and two high-output amplifiers. The stereo is awesome and is one of my favorite features of the car.


The wheels are 2010 Camaro 20" SS wheels, a staggered set of 20x8 fronts and 20x9" rears. The tires are Kumho Ecstsa PS91s, 255/35/20 front, giant 295/30/20 rear. The fronts are nearly new (~10/32") and the rears were just recently installed. The wheels are mounted to the Impala using high-quality, hand-made (in the USA by MotorSport Tech) aluminum adapters (lug and hub centric) in order to center them appropriately. I no longer have the factory wheels.


The front seats are black leather seats out of a newer (2015?) Lexus IS350, custom fit to the impala using the original mounting locations (if wanted, if you can find them, original seats could be re-fitted easily). These seats are much improved in terms of comfort and performance. The power functions work, including the inflatable lumbar support, however I never completed the hookup for the heated/cooled-seats option (never needed it in San Diego). It's there if you wanted to figure out how to wire them in. The steering wheel is a custom adapted 2010 Camaro wheel, however the airbag no longer functions. You could easily reinstall a factory Impala wheel if that is a concern. The dash had begun cracking several years ago. I took an attempt at recovering it with black leather/vinyl but the results are unimpressive. It looks improved to the cracking, but the dash is a bit of a letdown. The front of the headliner is showing its age as well, there is a small section where it is beginning to fray/fall. The carpeting was replaced with new about 4-5 years ago and still shows well. The backseat is a slight bit worn from age, but is in overall very nice condition. The door panels have some cracking but have been repaired over the years and still hold up well.


After 26 years, the exterior is starting to show its age. The car is all original paint minus a few touch ups done over the years (hood/ rear bumper repainted years ago, fading again). While in decent enough shape to drive as-is, realistically the car could use a paintjob. The hood and both fenders are looking especially poor and the whole car is getting a bit faded from time. As far as damage, there are several small nicks/dings/scratches as you would expect, but there are a couple more significant faults in the bodywork. Primarily, a driver who ran a stop sign at 5mph ran into the drivers side rear door area. Most of the contact went bumper-to-wheel so the damage is minimal, but you can see in the pictures the door and jam need some repair. On the passenger side front wheel well, a hit-and-run parking lot damage is visible. It's not much but it's there. The front bumper has a small hole/scrape from another inattentive parking lot driver years ago. There is the very beginnings of a small rust spot by the front windshield, it's the only rust on the body (on the whole car really). My hope is that whoever buys the car will look to have it painted straight away and you'll own one of the nicest 1996 Impalas out there!

I am open to offers, but I won't be giving the car away, please don't waste either of our times with unreasonable offers. With a $5000 paintjob you might be looking at a ~$20k+ car, so it's priced accordingly. Cash-only, no trades. Title in hand