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Hey guys,

Next year I will be able to buy a car at my college, I go to a service academy. I was looking to buy a '96 as my first car and have found some in great condition, a few with less then 75000 miles and around $12,000. Is this good? I am wondering how reliable these cars are, especially one as a first car. I can literally not find anything wrong with them on any website. word is they run forever. It will be almost 20 years old when I get it, are they pretty maintenance free and is this a good car to get as a first car? I am almost 6'5'' and I love everything about them and always have, nothing beats that big car with the monster V8! Thank you for all your help!
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Great choice for a first car. I got a 95 DGGM SS for my second car when I was 17 and thought I was the man. I'm on my 3rd SS now and plan on keeping this one. They aren't too bad to work on, you're going to have maintenance on any car. The LT1 is a great motor, cabs in NY have ran 300k miles on the motors, so they're definitely reliable if you take care of them. One thing to consider is that the car is rear wheel drive so it may not be best ride in the winter depending on where you're going to college. I loved my DGGM 95 SS, you definitely don't see as many. But there's just something about a black car when it's clean.
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