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Firstly, thanks to the many who have posted here over time and helped me keep things running.

!996 SS, bought new, 132K miles. Stock, except for a recent hockey puck.

Earlier, during hot Summer, engine would quit at idle and would crank, but not restart, until allowed to cool for about 30 minutes. No codes. ICM test was a little flaky so replaced ICM and coil with AC and Delphi. Then on a really hot day, same issue, finally figured out that this was oil pressure switch on rear of block. Dealt with that and all was well hot or not.

Two weeks ago, while in rainstorm, codes for misfire. Wires are good quality but 8 years old; maybe a boot with water intrusion or similar. Car dried out and ran fine. I cleared code and MIL A week later engine start seems slightly slower, maybe cranking speed, maybe few tenths slower to fire and run, but running well. A day later getting various Opti related codes. I remember seeing this from 45K miles ago, when I put in new GM Opti.

A few days later, some misfire codes, but driven home no other issue. Next morning, turn key, all seems normal in position before start, believe I hear fuel pump, then, when key moved to start position nothing except very faint click which proved to be relay in underhood fusebox. When hearing the click, the temp gauge pins hard, the overtemp light comes on and the odometer and radio display blank. Battery is known good. Grounds appear good, although not sure I know where all of them are. This is not the familiar louder click you hear when key goes to start with low batt.

Earlier, at start of Summer, A/C compressor, whole system, failed to engage and later windshield washer pump stopped operating.

Did not repair.

Local comments range from "loose connector" to "reprogram or replace PCM".

I can use a voltmeter and a scope, but do not have a good idea re where to look, nor which connectors to check/wiggle.

Do have FSM.

Thanks for any comments.

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you say the oil pressure switch caused the engine to stall ? I have a 96 Impala SS since day one 80K miles on it .. there is no oil pressure switch on my 96 that will cause the engine to shutdown . OBDII these use the opti signals to shutdown the engine, no signals then the pcm turns off the fuel pump,,,,,,,,, pcm opens the relay ground.

if you have a OBDI then the under hood fuse box battery power lead maybe corroded. GM used a zinc metal that created this type issue.. could be other problems esp if your driving in deep puddles etc... good luck if it is the opt on replacing with another new aftermarket made dist..
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