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Well, it's all good and was still great fun. A bad day at racing is better than a good day at work. :D And at least I lost racing this time instead of taking myself out with a red light. I'll be ready next year. ;)

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This was my first Impala event… heck it was my first real car show. I have been to a couple of cruises, but never attended a car show of this magnitude.

I did not have any expectations, and never figured that I would be treated so well! Not once did I feel out of place. I could go on about how great it was to be part of this, but all who were there already know that!

I have never raced (drag, autocross, or road race). BK and several others (wish I was better at remembering names) took a lot of time explaining the techniques for each event. I even got to ride with others to get a feel for the track. Everyone went out of their way and made it so I could compete without having any prior racing knowledge or experience.

Funny story; I kept asking the guy in the time booth if I won and after the 3th or 4th time he said "yea... you did see the yellow light at the end of the race?" I relplied "Yea, doesn't that mean time to slow down and exit the track?" Good thing I won my first few races ;)

Heck, without BK's advice I would still be waiting for the green light to step on the gass, and using only 1 foot...

I can not wait till next year and only wish I had enough vacation time to do TX (SSHS ?). Next year I will be attending both!

I usually volunteer (being a Scout leader for 15+ years), but since I knew nothing about any of the events, I’m not sure what I could do (except get in the way). Next year I am first in line to assist (a little knowledge is dangerous)!

Trev, I apologize for the strange last race… I was still not sure about “breaking out” and how that all worked… I needed BK advice on how to run the last race, but he already gave me too much information to think about. Next year I will be more professional ;)

Even my wife had a lot of fun! I could not get here to ride and she still does not want to drive, but I’ll keep working on her.

My 15 year old son can't wait to drive... Not sure if attending this and allowing him to ride most of the time was a good thing. He had way too much fun and I like my low cost auto insurance!

THANKS to all for making this a fun event! It was great to finally start putting faces to the names on the forum.

- Mike

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