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I have an announcement from Bob Fandetti regarding Nats and it is posted here with managements permission..

"To those of you that signed up for the ISSCA Nationals, we appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in a National Event. To those of you that did not, your silence indicates that we on the board still have to better understand the club dynamics.

Based on the less than overwhelming registration numbers, we have made the difficult decision to re-schedule the Nationals to spring of 2011. The Board has concluded that we may need more feedback from the Membership in order to plan and execute a National Event that the majority of our Membership will support and participate in. When those of us that volunteered our time to re-vitalize our club discussed what we felt was important to the Membership, we felt a consistent Magazine and a National Event were the most important elements a National Club has to offer. We think the Web Magazine that Ken puts out with articles and news provided by the Board, Regional Clubs, and individual members has been well received by the membership. Upon reflection, we have to revisit the National Event.

Rather than discuss, debate, and grapple in a vacuum, we will be sending out a questionnaire to all the members, designed to better understand what you, the membership feel is important in a National Event. We will be asking your feedback on all facets of a National event, such as:

· Location
· Cost
· Time of year
· Importance of Events (Drags, Show, Sound-off, AutoX, Road Course)
· Importance of a National Event vs. Regional Events

We really need to know from everyone what makes a National Event work for YOU! This club is for the members, we will be asking for your feedback. We want to make this a positive learning experience, an opportunity to reflect and improve the product. We have seen a lot of positive support for this event, but we need to make sure that next spring’s event better reflects the needs of the majority of the club.

For those of you that have already registered and paid, your monies are being refunded as you read this, check your PayPal accounts over the next few days. Also, all members, please watch for a Nationals Questionnaire and provide your input so we can better focus on a National Event that ISSCA Membership can support and attend. I don’t think we are off base when we say that one of the best parts of a National Club is the camaraderie and good times we enjoy at any gathering of Impala lovers……..and we want to provide the venue that will make this happen.

Bob Fandetti
ISSCA PRO Officer"
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