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2013 ISSCA Nationals - Road Rally Rules

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Utilizing the CMS .75 mile infield road course.
As with any road course, be very careful on the transitions.
Drive safely and keep your car intact.
Object is to be safe, and have Fun.

(Your ISSCA member number will be
your car competition number in all events)

ISSCA Road Rally Solo 1:
ISSCA SOP (As amended for 2012 Nat’s) CHAPTER Eight – Article Xl Sec. 2.
If any ISSCA rule conflicts with track/facility rule, track/facility rule takes precedence.
Track/facility rules may change without notice posted here.
Note, these rules may be modified based on track safety requirements.

1. All competitors, crew, and guests must sign a waiver upon entering the facilities.
2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be tolerated.
3. Snell SA 2005 or later approved helmets are required.
4. Mufflers are required.
5. Speed limit on site (off the track) is 10 MPH or as stated by the facility.
6. Running numbers will be your member number or otherwise assigned
at registration.
7. Your car must be in safe running condition.
8. You must have working OEM seat belts or better.
9. All tires must have visible tread over the full diameter.
10. Street tires must run at OEM recommended pressures or higher.
11. Batteries must have the positive post insulated by either tape or
12. All loose items must be removed from the car including floor mats.
13. Spare tire must be removed or securely fastened in place.
14. Event will be run rain or shine.
15. Entrants will be required to work the course at some time during the
event unless otherwise stated.
16. There will be a two second penalty for each displaced pylon.
17. All drivers will attend a driver meeting and school if required.
18. All entrants will be tech inspected either by track personnel or by
ISSCA staff.
19. Classification will be verified at time of inspection or registration.
20. Windows will be rolled down during runs. A/C will be turned off.
21. Hot-dogging, showing off or unsafe practice will earn a DNF.
22. Passengers will be allowed with proper helmet and seatbelt/harness if
track rules permit.
Note; Two wheels off track will constitute a DNF. Off the track twice will be the end of your day!
CLASSES – Stock, Prepared, Modified, and Race

Determined by the Point Assessment Schedule below.
Determine your class by adding all of the modifications outlined in the Modifications Points List.
Point Assessment Schedule



0 – 2 Stock
3 – 7 Prepared
8 – 17 Modified
18 and over

DIVISIONS will follow the above class breakdowns, and will be designated as:
  • 1958 to 1964 is Division 1
  • 1965 to 1990 is Division 2
  • 1991 to 1996 is Division 3
  • 2000 to Present, Division 4

Specialty compound tires 3
Suspension bushing replacement, excluding sway bars & shock absorbers 1
Sway bar revision: Front = 1; Rear = 1 1,1
Change of spring rate 2
Brake conversion 2
Conversion from drum to disk (front or back, each) 3
Adjustable shocks 3

Engine displacement change (per each 3% increase) 1
Engine swap, except for exact replacement of original 2
Removal of emission control device, per device 1
Any air intake system change forward of the throttle body or above the carb 1
Fuel injection or Carb revision on stock manifold 2
Fuel injection or Carb revision with non-stock manifold 3
Camshaft change 2
Valve size change and/or head modifications 2
Ignition and/or computer module change (reprogrammed) 2
Exhaust manifold change 1
Exhaust system enhancements (cat back upgrade, larger dia, etc. ) 1
Turbocharger or supercharger addition 4
Intercooler 4

Final gear ratio change less than 20% from stock 2
Final gear ratio change more than 20% from stock 3
Replacement of seats with racing seats as defined by the manufacturer 1
Battery relocation to trunk 1

Stock Class- Only standard production DOT tires (or available replicas) are allowed. “Special construction” or “Special compound” tires are not allowed in the Stock class. Tires can be of any size as fitted on stock size rims. For 1958 to 1964, rims can be up to 2” wider than stock. For 1965 to 1991, rims can be 1” wider than stock.

Prepared Class- Only DOT labeled tires are allowed, including “special construction” or “special compound” tires. These tires shall be 200 wear rating minimum
Modified Class- Any DOT labeled tire and any rim is allowed.
Race class- any tire and rim is allowed.

Any rotor or drum of the same size as stock is free.

Brake cooling ducts are free
Nitrous Oxide bottle must be removed
Roll bars are free
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