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2016 ISSCA National Event -- July 26-30 in New Orleans!

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Hey guys,

I might have forgotten to post here since it seems like everyone and their mother only uses Facebook these days. Registration is now open for ISSCA Nationals in New Orleans!

ISSCA National Gathering - Impala SS Clubs of America

ISSCA Nationals 2016 Schedule:
Tuesday, July 26 – Registration
Wednesday, July 27 – Autocross at NOLA 7am-5pm
Thursday, July 28 – Road Racing at NOLA 7am-5pm
Friday, July 29 – Drag Racing at No Problems Dragway 4pm-10pm
Saturday, July 30 – Indoor Air Conditioned Car Show, Stereo Sound Off, and Awards Banquet 9am-9pm

The events on Saturday will be in the Pontchartrain Center in the nice cool air conditioning (EDIT: maximum half tank of gas will be checked at the door). Even if you can't make it for the racing events, we hope everyone will be able to come for the car show and banquet!
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Rules for the car show are 1/4 tank I think Andrew? Was going to be 1/8 but they negotiated to 1/4. FYI for anyone thinking about possibly just coming to the car show, which sometimes is a lot of people. I'm not sure what the LA troupe will be like to just make the one day trek. But anyone driving in for just the car show needs to be aware. You will be turned away if you do not have under a 1/4 tank.

I personally will be getting my plane ticket this week. I just need to double check with the boss to make sure my leave is gtg and then I'll be coming in on the 26 and leaving on the 31.
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