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2016 ISSCA Nationals???

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Has the dates and location for 2016 Nats been determined?

Seems I read somewhere that it'll be in New Orleans.....

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Yes we are planning NOLA in 2016, so I would guess that means you will attend?.....
That's why I asked, Mike :) !!!!!

We will be signing contracts and officially announcing 2016 Nationals, but if you need to book vacation or request time off those are the dates we are going to lock in.......
Thanks Bill (and the rest of the ISSCA staff), for being a part of bringing this even down this way.

See you in "Nawlins"!!!!!! :D

Would it be practical to ship the car,and then fly down in time to meet it's arrival. Then drive back....
Back in 2004 I think it was, several east-coasters pooled together to truck their cars (6 or 8 total) to and from Vegas and they all flew.

Could probably do something like with Ohio/Indiana members.

Just a thought.

......Attending these events (much as I love them) has become more costly over the years. Adding another day,or two for travel to/from these events is a significant burden for many of us I suspect.
No doubt! Hell....both my kids played basketball on travelling teams from middle school through when you talk about 'cost', yeah....the travelling is significant!

But when we talk about places like New Orleans or's really easy to look at this as a vacation. The wife and kids met me in Vegas on the last day of the event, there. When my kids played tournaments in Vegas/Orleans/Memphis/Virginia/etc, for my family.....we took each trip was a vacation.

And this year? Me and the GF will likely spend the week(+) in New Orleans.

It's all a matter of our you decide to 'look' at this.......

.....We did it going to Vegas it was amazing. Fly in and have your car delivered. Plus the sight of all those badass B-Bodies on one car carrier was stunning......
Damn right, it was!

.......KW...just for you...


You caught me in the second picture (I'm the Black one, for those who may want to know)!

Yeah man! That was a sight!

......Of course this was 11 years ago at Mountain Madness...sweet phone!

Mein flipper cwm2 !!!

When and where were those SS's / car carrier photos taken? Very nice.
The Vegas Nationals.....2004 I believe.

My '96 SS still needs some 'sorting out'; but the H/C LS3 swap in my '95 SS is complete, short of some minor work to get the tach/speed-o to read properly.

Initial numbers.....449 HP and 396 Tq at the wheels.

SSee ya ;) !!

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