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2016 ISSCA Nationals???

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Has the dates and location for 2016 Nats been determined?

Seems I read somewhere that it'll be in New Orleans.....

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Yes we are planning NOLA in 2016, so I would guess that means you will attend?

The tentative dates are as follows:

7/27 - AX at NOLA
7/28 - RR at NOLA
7/29 - Drags at No PRoblem
7/30 - Cars Show and Awards (Venue to be determined)

Hopefully we can get some of the Mid South guys to attend. Of course I hope to see everyone there!

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Yes I was saddened to hear of his passing. Jim will truly be missed as he was taken from our family before his time.

I just checked, 18 hours of drive time. I'll certainly consider jumping on board BK. I'll send you a text later.
I drove two years from Abita Springs, LA ( I drove to get my dad) to Detroit for Nationals. Not that bad of a ride. I had 500 miles from Plano to Abita Springs, and then 1,100 miles to Detroit.

Although i am always scared that I will break something while at the event. Carr carrier would be the way to get there.

1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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