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2016 ISSCA Nationals???

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Has the dates and location for 2016 Nats been determined?

Seems I read somewhere that it'll be in New Orleans.....

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We will be signing contracts and officially announcing 2016 Nationals, but if you need to book vacation or request time off those are the dates we are going to lock in.

I'd call it 99% solid at this point, just haggling over some details.
There will be a car carrier going to New Orleans from the NY area but he will go down through PA/NJ and can pick people up as he goes.

It will be less expensive to fly in and have your car meet you there than the gas, the wear and tear, the 2-4 hotel nights, meals on the road, etc. Most important you save 2-4 days off from work.

We did it going to Vegas it was amazing. Fly in and have your car delivered. Plus the sight of all those badass B-Bodies on one car carrier was stunning.

Karl Ellwein, Nabil Guffey, BK, Glen "Stumpy" Koenig, Russell 383 6speed Youngblood, Art SSLED Funk, and Dan Leftwich were on board - some serious machinery.

Let me know if interested...the days you save and the exhaustion of driving are good reasons alone, but the money you save is just as good. My guy transports brand new cars from dealership to dealership all over the country so he's a pro who also knows the significance of these cars. So far it's me, Bob Lynch, Erik, and the spots are filling up. You can also drive your car from wherever to meet him and fly with us the rest of the way.
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Any idea how many days for the transporter to get there?

I would need to know how soon to have the car in NY and how soon the car would be back to make arrangements to stay in that area.

Is transporter one way an option If Marge flew in on the weekend and we wanted to drive home ?
The driver would like to leave Friday night (7/22) from the NY area that way he's there by Monday with plenty of room for delays. He will stay there all week and hang with us and then leave Saturday night (or Sunday morning) to head home after the car show. I'm sure he will hustle getting home and we may have the cars back Monday. He can also drop cars along the way as he heads north.

KW...just for you...


Some Impala Legends here...
From L to R: Glen "Stumpy" Koenig, BK, Nabil "Blue WAIL" Guffey, Art "SSLED" Funk, Dan Leftwich, and King Karl "ERE" Ellwein.


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Can you add me Bill?
Lorne you are in! I think we only have 2 or 3 spots left now.


You caught me in the second picture (I'm the Black one, for those who may want to know)!

Yeah man! That was a sight!

Oh I know who you are, kid!

Of course this was 11 years ago at Mountain Madness...sweet phone!


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Dayum! I guess I'm even more motivated to git 'r dun! Been sitting for 4 years, and is FINALLY seeing some attention...

Just got the tank back, and it has been totally cleaned! New sender/pump assembly arrives tomorrow. Hope to have a running car by the end of the week, and planning for new paint real soon. Looking at the previously posted pics, I can't show up to a NATS event with an "Earl Scheib" paint job! LOL
You can show up with any paint job you have on the car. We're just happy to have you!
Anyone else interested in the car carrier speak now or forever hold your peace.

You can be picked up on the way from NY/PA/NJ on the way down too
Can't wait to see that bad boy in person.

How many cars are you bringing?
We will be getting the website up shortly for registration! Stay tuned!
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