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2016 ISSCA Nationals???

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Has the dates and location for 2016 Nats been determined?

Seems I read somewhere that it'll be in New Orleans.....

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Mike, I know you're not on FB anymore. Jim Gross passed away last night.... He'll be missed dearly.
This'll be a two day'r for me. I like to long haul, but no way I'm makin this pull in one day each time.
Would it be practical to ship the car,and then fly down in time to meet it's arrival. Then drive back....
And what if I break something down there? Nah, I spent a lot of money on a trailer so I don't ever have to worry about breaking the car far from home, like I did two years ago. Just glad I had a trailer.
Yea, this will be a bit more of an expensive trip as well, but NOLA is well worth it IMO. Vegas, I def wouldn't do unless we did something again like you mention Kev. I'd probably fly into that one just to attend, but without the car.

And yea, lets hope the Gas/Diesel prices hold out Tom.
I, sadly, only take two vacations a year. To hunt for 10+ days in November, and about 7 days for Nationals. Only places I go every year....
I just checked, 18 hours of drive time. I'll certainly consider jumping on board BK. I'll send you a text later.
1 - 6 of 42 Posts
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