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2016 ISSCA Nationals???

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Has the dates and location for 2016 Nats been determined?

Seems I read somewhere that it'll be in New Orleans.....

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NOLA?? Hmm... just moved back to the South La region from TX.

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Dayum! I guess I'm even more motivated to git 'r dun! Been sitting for 4 years, and is FINALLY seeing some attention...

Was just about ready to turn the key, until I ran into this...

Just got the tank back, and it has been totally cleaned! New sender/pump assembly arrives tomorrow. Hope to have a running car by the end of the week, and planning for new paint real soon. Looking at the previously posted pics, I can't show up to a NATS event with an "Earl Scheib" paint job! LOL
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You can show up with any paint job you have on the car. We're just happy to have you!
LOL... I'm sure, but the event is in my hometown. I can't show with chipped paint, and faded base coats! No worries. It'll be better than it is now.

Teaser vid... 1st run in FOUR YEARS!

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I don't want to jynx things, but the way things are going, might have a fully functional car after all! Ordered rims today, and sourcing a paint & body guy in the coming weeks. Hope to have my PCMForLess tune worked out in the coming weeks.

Sneak Peek...

For now... close friend of mine just bought a new project. It's being stored in my stable for the time being. As much as I might wanna stay ahead of the game, I can't help but help him with this restore/build...

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Gen VII & Gen III, both under one roof!!!

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Well, took time yesterday evening, and confirmed that the red one is NOT a true SS. It's an "18" series, which (by short research) is noted as an "Impala 1800 V8". Either way, car is in good shape, and gonna get an LS-based engine.
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