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2018 ISSCA Nationals -- Ohio

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ISSCA Members,

We are happy to announce that the 2018 ISSCA Nationals Registration page is now open! Please click here:

Even with increasing costs we were able to keep pricing virtually the same as last year. Most pertinent and important info is either here or on the ISSCA site when you click the link.

More info coming soon but we wanted to get registration open as soon as possible. The dates are June 26th to June 30th and mid-Ohio is never going to know what hit them. Once again we will be at world class venues to run our beaSSts and the car show will be at the location where they shot many scenes from Shawshank Redemption. It will be another great ISSCA Nats for sure!

Please get your registrations done sooner than later as it helps us to budget and order the event shirts and work with the venues and caterers. We are also trying to get Bryan Herter down with a portable dyno so please let us know if you have an interest in a dyno tune.

Finally, occasionally a member has an issue with the website regarding registration. Because of this we have setup the registration form to open in a new window on the site that handles the registration data, so don't be alarmed when you see that!

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing everyone in, gulp, a mere 2 ½ months. Can that be right?


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I had a good time. First time I've made it to Nationals since 2006. Note to self: Make sure I'm far away from Bobo's table in the future. :D
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