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Come out and join fellow B-Body enthusiasts July 26 - July 31 in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Scheduled events include autocross, drag race, road course, car show and more!

Check it out: 2021 ISSCA National Registration Information
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Who's in? Going to have some insane fun. Can't make it, then register as a Supporter!

Super Sport Supporter: $49
If you can’t get your car to Nationals, but still want to come to the event to watch and hang out, OR if you can’t make the event but still want a cool T-Shirt and want to help support ISSCA, we have the perfect package for you: You get a custom designed ISSCA event T-Shirt, an ISSCA Goody Bag, passes to all events, a ticket to the ISSCA Awards Dinner, and more. Venue spectator fees may also apply for drag racing.

The week is shaping up as follows. Please check back for updates!

Hey everyone,

ISSCA Nationals is coming up in about 6 weeks (7/26-7/31) and we have some exciting news. Jon Moss has confirmed that he will be there once again. He is greatly looking forward to seeing us and talking to all of you as well as signing your cars and assorted memorabilia. He will also once again attend the car show and be a guest judge and speaker at the awards banquet following the car show on Saturday, July 31st.


As an added bonus, we will pick one (or maybe more) random people who have either signed up already and people that sign up from NOW until the end of June to sit at Jon's table at the awards banquet. So don't delay, time's a wastin!

Here is all the info you need to sign up, but PLEASE read the schedule carefully as we are starting earlier in the week than usual.
Check in: Monday, July 26
Road Racing: Tuesday, July 27
Drag Racing: Wednesday, July 28
Autocross: Thursday, July 29
FREE DAY OF FUN (TBA): Friday, July 30
Car Show & Stereo Soundoff & Awards Banquet & Jon Moss: Saturday, July 31

Here is the link with ALL the info (hotels, venues, etc) : Welcome to the 2021 ISSCA Nationals and here is the link if you want to sign up directly and don't need all that other info at the moment: 2021 ISSCA National

Please get back to me with any questions or any problems on the registration page. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Peace, Love, and Horsepower,

Bill (and the amazing ISSCA Staff)
([email protected])
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Nationals is next week! Who's going???
Something like this to cut and paste…
Hey everyone, would you like to meet Jon Moss tomorrow and have him sign your car?
The world famous ISSCA (Impala SS Clubs of America) Nationals are in full swing and it’s been an amazing week so far. Road racing, drag racing, and Autocross are in the books but the best is yet to come.
Saturday 7/31 is the ISSCA car show and awards banquet and Jon Moss himself will be in attendance walking around signing cars and memorabilia as well as being an honorary car show judge. Don’t miss it - and it’s not too late to attend and enter your car in the show, or just come by to say hello. Info is here:
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Nationals carnage:

We lost three motors (rode bearing, lifter and piston); two Opti's (rotor and optical sensor); two ICM/coils; one 4L60e (third gear); one manual (sixth gear). 30 plus cars ran in the road, auto and drag races.

Fortunately no accidents nor injuries. Everyone made it to/from the event safe! One towed from Miami and another drove from Portland Oregon.

Good times!
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Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle Tire Wheel

Staging lane at GingerMan Raceway...
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