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Sorry the ADHDS kicked in and I clicked on a Forbes blurb: '15 Cars To Avoid' -

The reason I posted is the pic, not the copy. That is an exceptionally bland non-descript and generic looking blob. As referred to below I actually drive a loaded company Impala around occasionally. I don't consider it all that large but it's not nearly as reprehensible as they originally were 15 years ago.

So my takeaways on this XTS thing?

A. Cady was great after the bankruptcy showing it works best from a turnaround recovery position and maybe they just want to throw this rounded blob out there first to set the stage for the next one or two new models out of the chute that are clearly "much improved" by comparison. Perhaps a convoluted, but possibly brilliant strategy eh. cwm3 I sure hope any upcoming new products end up truer to their supposed new corporate vision ("Arts & Science" was it?) along with more allegiance to their more recent concept designs.


B. Sounds like lotsa these things coming cheap to a lot near you.

"2. Cadillac XTS

Tell the truth we find the big and benign full-size front-drive XTS sedan to be something of a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, a boulevard cruiser like this falls short in today’s ultra-sophisticated luxury-car market. Consumer Reports cites the XTS as being among the industry’s worst values, and we think the Chevrolet Impala offers equivalent accommodations for less money. The biggest Caddy also gets low marks for initial quality and performance from J.D. Power and a below-average resale value rating from ALG."
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