Today when I was searching through my parts stash I came upon this 20 tooth reluctor for 3.42 gears in an 8.5" diff. I've long forgotten where or how I got it I'm afraid. I can't tell you if it's new or used, sorry. It looks fine but it's not in a box, so who knows. If you are doing a 3.42 diff swap in a Roadmaster, Fleetwood, SS or 9C1 Caprice with an 8.5" diff, you MUST change the reluctor if the diff was not 3.42 originally. If you don't, you will have an ABS light that you can't get rid of.

$50 shipped to anywhere in North America.

I guess Paypal is my only option for payment if you are in the US, but I would like you to pay via friends/family. (Feel free to check my feedback on here, I'm NOT a scammer!) In Canada I would like an E-transfer because I hate those Paypal fees!