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All K case (integral bell and case) 1995 or 1994, 2wd. These are all out of BBodies

#1 95 PWM style. Runs perfect in forward gears, will creep in reverse but with light throttle it will slip until you give it a little MORE gas then hooks and goes. I drove this trans until we pulled it. Likely bad Trans showed good pressure with scan tool. Stock converter included. Will work in 96+ cars and trucks with a tailshaft housing change (different vss sensor) $75

#2 1995 PWM. Slips in 2nd, holds better in manual 2nd gear, but will slip a little at WOT. Will likely need a band since I had to limp it home. Likely a cut servo seal, accumulator seal or junk in valve body. Trans worked fine when pulled out of previous car then started to slip 10 miles after installing into next car. Trans showed good pump pressure with scan tool and held 1st 3rd and reverse fine. I drove this 80 miles before I could get it back to the shop. Stock converter included. $75

#3 straight up core, unknown condition inside. $50
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