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OK, bunch of SS springs for sale, detals:

THIS is set of new rear springs. Came as part of a complete set of 4 new GM SS springs, I installed the fronts into my LQ9 car this week but wasn't happy with the stance with the hitch and full tank when I put these in bc I like a slight rake so I used 9C1 rear springs instead. $150 + shipping.

THIS is rear set with low miles (40k allegedly) I bought from a dude on ebay couple of years ago and ended up never using. Never installed them so I can't verify the height. $50 + shipping.

THIS is front set out of my LQ9 car. I replaced with a new set (see above) since I was rebuilding the front end anyway. These springs came in the car when I bought it so I don't know the miles, but they look decent and had what looked like normal SS height. $50 + shipping.
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