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5 Pieces of Shop Equipment to Simplify At-Home Car Repair

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A look at five basic pieces of shop equipment to help breeze through at-home car repair

Whether you’re new to the world of at-home car repair, or you’re a DIY veteran looking to expand your home repair capabilities, adding a few affordable and effective products to your car repair toolkit can help make a wide range of tasks easier and faster.

Is car repair your hobby? Passion? A way to save a few bucks? In any case, you’ll find no shortage of options to add convenience and efficiency to the mix when it’s time to wrench on your ride.
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Quite The Flair For The Obvious

Normally not compelled to converse with an adbot. But this must be this week's winner for clickbait. So let's see, some tools, good lighting and a turkey baster make carwork easier = simply mindboggling.

I had ramps, got rid of them. A scanner would be nice --- if there weren't an AZ, OR, Advance (and now a NAPA opening soon FTW) all nearby.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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