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As a long time Olds fanatic, I gotta say, I thought they were an ugly car when they they came out and today I still do.

We had the Pontiac counterpart in the family and it was bad enough.

The Chev and Pontiac was bad, the Buick and Olds , Terrible!
Great it was taked care of , but man oh man what low point in GM wagons.


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I'm with Pat, if I had the money to spare, this would be too rare and too cool to pass up!
Of course the comments from Gerry that these wagons being an all-time low for GM are well-documented.

While these wagons were vast, their cargo area and 3rd seat accessibility was considered a major dissapointment:
(but aren't those wrap-around side windows just awesome!)

Again, I agree with Gerry the little fins above the tail lights are odd, I think it would have worked fine without them there:

Also, the immense curb weight (5,200 - 5,400 LBS) returned horrific fuel economy.

I was at a car show with my 72 Country Squire when a 73 Kingswood Estate arrived and parked right beside. Both of our cars were low mileage all-original, and we spent some time comparing how Ford and GM offered a wagon in the early 70s. I thought my mileage was bad at 15 MPG highway, but the owner of the Kingswood said I had nothing to complain about, his wagon was 11-12 MPG at best.
For fun we arranged a drag race for the two old wagons when we left the show, before meeting at THD. We thought the 400-2V, 2.75 in the 4,200LB LTD would be a good match for the 454-4V, 3.08 in the Kingswood. It was not even close!! :) The LTD roasted the tires through the intersection and I was gone, reaching the next intersection long before the Kingswood, and I actually slowed down, because 70+ MPH in town is a serious fine, just bordering on a license suspension! When the group met at the Tim's, nobody could believe the unbelievable (factory) power to weight ratio difference of the two wagons. I would have expected the additional power and torque of the 454-4V to make up for the difference, but not close, the clamshell wagons are just way too heavy!!!

Anyway, efficient or not, this video of the clamshell tailgate operating on the Olds wagon is just so cool to watch:

Hope it finds a good home! A mint condition example of a line of mediocre vehciles built around an amazing engineering innovation, in this case the clamshell tailgate.


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I'd lower it slightly with a mild rake.

Aftermarket 17 or 18" wheels and low profile tires.

Tint the windows, and...

Call it a day, and drive the heck out of it.

I'd probably wear out the tailgate by just
sitting there and watching it open and close...

I LOVE that feature! ;)
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