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91-92 Caprice Sedan El Camino Custom

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I was at a car show a few weeks ago and saw this... The owner wasn't around so I couldn't ask him about it. But, thought some forum members might be interested to see it so took some pics. I'm guessing it was built sometime in the mid 90s. Love it or hate it, that's a lot of custom bodywork!

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1994 SS, thanks for sharing! They are inspirational - I really didn't see _sedan_ based El Caprice ;) conversions before and looking on these urging me to build one for myself!

Car (truck?) is nicely done though I'd put 'Vette lights to the rear and different quarter window. But I absolutely like custom front grille - looks aggressive and original!

these look better i think.
Sure it looks better: this is official GM creation! They seriously considered to put it in production but the whole B-body line was about to be axed at that time... Notice it have a shorter wheelbase.
I do believe the wheelbase is factory length. The front doors are longer than a four door giving the illusion that it is shorter.
My mistake, than. Thanks for correction (though I fail to see a reason for lengthening the doors for 2-seater, other than purely cosmetical).
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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