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I just posted some pics of my 91 custom cold air induction in the 9C1 mailng list, file section (folder 91 cold air induction).

This is made with with a single 4" heating pipe going from the air
box. I know this is not car show quality. It would rather go at the
duck tape festival !

But this is a very simple and accessible setup once you replaced the
stock mechanical fan with one or two electric ones.

At first, I had an elbow and another straight piece that went at the
bottom of the radiator. But I found a single straight piece as good
or better, as long as you take off one foot of the rubbber seal
underneath the hood in from of the pipe.

It made a big improvement in throttle response. I think the air
going straight in the box is much better than the stock 90 degrees
turn that certainly reduces the air flow.

With that CAI mod, my car responded very well to the quarter mod
(fuel pressure increase)more air, more fuel = more power. In fact, I
think air intake and fuel pressure mods should go along. My next
step is to install a fuel pressure gage and maybe look at an AFPR
like Cecil Smalley's. I changed the plugs last month and they were
all light grey. Sounds like I'm lean and I could use somemore fuel

Nelson Paradis
91 Civie
Québec, Canada
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