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Correct. I just got the wheels today. Put one on the rear and it's barely 1/16" away from the lip on the fender. I don't have tires yet. I'm going to have to work on the lip too.

There is so much BS misinformation in all these forums all over the internet. I bought the truck rallys because I read in a 100 places that they will fit no problem. Obviously a lot of answers come from kids and people that don't even have the car. Like the list of cars a lot of people have in their sig. If you don't show me your face with todays newspaper in front of those cars then BS you don't own sh*t.

Also I should have put in my original post that I don't care about your wagon either. I did not ask if they will fit a wagon. asked a question without giving all the needed information to get an informed or experienced answer and you decided to get mad and throw a mini-tantrum because you got responses from people literally trying to help you. Not to mention Firewood (who probably knows more about wheel fitment on all 91-96 B and D-bodies than the rest of us combined) gave you the answer. Good luck to you.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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