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Im selling a set of stock Alloy Impala ss rims with Falken 255 50 17 tires. Wheels are in great shape for being 15 years old no curbrash or scrathes , All four tires are also in good shape around 70 to 80% thread left. G.M. are not manufacturing these wheels anymore so they will be harder to find soon especially in good shape, and just like are cars they'll most likely go up in value so there good to have around.

The price is $540 Or Best Offer.
If you would like to come by and check them out I could be reached by phone or email.
Call/Text {310} 658 - 1882 {Hector} Email: [email protected]

As of now I want to sell them locally but if they dont sell after some time ill be willing to ship, just call dibs on them if your interested.

Thanks All.

My camara broke so i dont have an original pic but they look like these if u want i could text or email pics from my cell just pm me ur info.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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