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Pics do the talking, drove it for a few weeks after the accident but decided to move on to another car rather than fix it. Must be towed.

The Bad

*No engine or transmission, originally LT1/4L60e combo
*Hit guardrail on drivers side so I pulled to engine and trans to put in another vehicle.
*Damage is all superficial, will need a front clip except for grill and passenger side inner fender, both driver side doors and trim
*Body damage should be 800-1000 in parts then however much you wanna spend on bodywork+paint

The Good

*Radiator support is not damaged and neither suspension or chassis
*Car is complete minus engine+trans, battery, and exhaust, I can include custom 2.5'' dual exhaust with h pipe but with no mufflers
*Very well taken care of (Auto Tech owned)
*Exterior was 7/10 and interior is 8/10
*Free and clear title in my name
*Historic tags so no inspection or emissions required and much cheaper registration
*Car is Dark Cherry Metallic with matching plush leather interior
*Padded vinyl top in near perfect shape with sunroof
*NO rust anywhere

*Caprice 9C1 wheels (cop car) with firestone firehawk 255 50 15 tires with 85% tread
*Car is lowered 6 inches front and 5 inches rear and still floats like a Cadillac should
*Within the last 10,000 miles I have installed the following suspension
Impala SS springs and Belltech Drop shocks all around
New upper and lower balljoints
Graphite infused polyurethane sway bar bushings and end links
Inner + Outer tie rods and new sleeves and new idler arm
Checked Alignment after wreck and still in spec and rides straight as an arrow
*Good brakes all around, recent brake fluid flush
*Front wheel bearings were replaced with Timken bearings around 30k miles ago
*Factory 3.42 gears with a recent diff. fluid change
*Good driveshaft
*All exterior lights still work

*Fully sound insulated interior and trunk (can't hear a thing on the road)
*LED interior lights
*20% tinted windows, Suntech brand
*Custom steering wheel and steering column
*Polk audio tweeters in front doors with dedicated 400w amp
*Kenwood 6.5" door and 6x9" deck speakers with dedicated full range 760w amp
*Only HQ wiring used with 2 aug. power wire
*Wired for subs but no headunit included (had dd touchscreen)
*Heated seats
*Cleaned and conditioned the leather 2 days before I wrecked it
*Hardwired radar detector (comes on with key but can turn off or unplug if you go to VA)
*Everything works except power locks, needs keyless entry module ($50 used and easy to install)
*Buick Roadmaster climate control headunit (matches digital dash + more control)
*Seats designed by orthopedic surgeon and have a million adjustments

*Gloss black paint less than a year old
*Full wire tuck with custom harness
*Includes all hoses and mounts
*HD Radiator + hoses less than a year old
*AC not included
*Custom 2 aug. battery cables
*Dual electric fan conversion
*****ty traction control disabled but easily hooked back up
*Low mile LT1/4L60e combos are cheap ($1000-1500) or upgrade to LS motor

Best of's a Cadillac

I know I'm forgetting stuff but was a great car and hate to get rid of it. Last generation of full framed full size Cadillac flagship, true American car. Would get 25mpg highway on regular gas before the heads and cam. Have tons of pictures and can answer any questions, CONTACT 443six two four 9861. $800 O.B.O. and also willing to trade lmk what you have.


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