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Well, my rear wheel bearings are bad, I've got a co-worker at work that will do them for $100.00 in the rear for labor, i bring the bearings in.

I think the starter is bad or going bad, its very slow turning over, I think now its not turning over fast enough to start the car.

I did discover yesterday that the newest battery I put on last week has a loose negative connection, I will have to tighten it up but regardless even with the old battery tight it was still very slow turning over.

It leaks oil badly on the passenger side, its the rear intake seal or rear main, unable to determine which.

My water pump is leaking on the top, I was worried maybe it killed my optispark, I dont know.

Its raining today on Christmas, yesterday I had to do shopping, then tommorrow(Tuesday) its back to work all day, the only time I will have to play with it is Wednesday for a couple hours and I parked in on the grass so it wouldnt leak oil on the driveway, lol at least it broke down in the yard it would suck to be anywhere else.

Then, I went to NAPA to get some new wheel bearings for the front hoping they were bad, not the ones in the back. I rip the passenger side off only to find the wheel bearings NAPA gave me are to big! AAAGGGH!
I find some old wheel bearings from my old 94 Fleetwood and put them on, so now i have old wheel bearings on the car. Im going back to NAPA, RETURNING the wheel bearings and couple things I bought, then im going straight to Advance Autoparts to buy wheel bearings! This was last week.

So far the only thing I've done was put Brougham wheels on it, replace the window rollers in the rear, I had all the side windows tinted limo, i changed the oil.

My 95 Fleetwood is my shining star, I would take it anywhere. I did blow a hard line for the brakes inbetween the cross member for the tranny and the front wheel well, you cant see the lines behind the frame rail, but they had swollen and burst, now they are new, at least 2-3 feet is new. This was old news about 3 weeks ago, but its all repaired now.
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