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Hi all. I've been browsing the board for awhile and decided to join in. I haven't ran across a single post that kind of "sums it all up" so to speak, so this might be a bit long winded, please bare with me.

I recently decided to park my 94 Impala SS because of milage(235K). So many things are starting to go on the engine/transmission I've decided on a complete overhaul. Its completely stock with the exception of a cold air intake kit with a K&N cone filter. So on to the questions...

Lets say I'm on a $2000 budget(please don't laugh :rolleyes: ), maybe a bit more. For the engine I've been quoted $900-$1000 for a completely stock rebuild. What all that entails I'm not sure as of yet. While the engine is apart I thought about a new cam, a little head work and possibly headers. What else would you all suggest? Any minor tips/tricks I could consider for the engine?

On to the transmission. It needs rebuilt as well. Locally the going rate seems to be about $600-$1000 for a rebuild. I have considered doing it myself because I've ran across a complete rebuild kit for under $100. Any reasons why, or why not on DIY? Also, I've read on here about using an S-10 converter as well as Transgo shift kits. What are the advantages? Any other options to consider?

I know its a fairly limited budget but I thought this was the best place for options and opinions. Thanks in advance.
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