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I need to make room in my storage for other cars in my fleet so this one needs to go.

Car is a '94 Roadmaster Wagon that is mostly straight and all one color. It is green with wood trim. I'm sure there is rust but it is California car and I know of no holes. Mostly straight, there is good size dent in the drivers side fender, a dent in the spare tire well and, a broken body mount that goes with that.

Here is the project part of things. It needs a transmission. It failed smog because it would fall out of gear. 3rd is long gone. What led me to park it is it seems to need a fuel pump or a regulator. Now it barely wants to idle and forget getting any RPMs out of it so bring a trailer or flatbed. Comes with rear shocks that need to be put on. I did have the front passanger side upper control arm bolt brake on me. That broke somethings for the A/C and maybe PS pump but I don't remember on that. Never got it aligned after that but it does go somewhat straight. Needs a grill and hood latch hood side. It's there but bent. Hood stays shut just fine, it's just ugly. On that subject, it need hood and rear window struts. Seats can stand to be recovered but are not so bad that they need a seat cover just to drive it. Power windows need some help but still work. I just fixed the fr pass side before I parked it. The back window will not lock even if the door is. I have no idea why. It closes and seals so don't worry about water getting in. That whole thing will need looked at to get right.

All simple things if you have money or time and a place to work on cars, I don't right now. The fees are paid just no tags, heck, it's still insured.

I have not taken anything apart on this car it is still in one "drive-able" piece. I do want to keep it away from the Demo Derbies and the junkyard seeing as it isn't in that bad a shape. That is why I posted it here first. It is in storage as said so I can't just run out and get pics. I have old ones but not current ones. I can get them if you give me time and you do want the car. I can't run out there just for tire kickers.

Car is in Madera, CA. I am in Fresno, CA

I'm looking for $2000 for it as it sits.
Questions- Jessica @ 714-612-3146 best to text me first. Or [email protected] hotmail or

Thank You for looking.
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