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94 RMW on Ebay

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94 white woody with 24k miles. A real looker!!!
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There are 2 photographs of the engine bay. The first one excludes any portion of the radiator and trans cooler, but does show the hardware is not rusted up. The second photo shows the windshield washer bottle and the factory tag on the filler cap.

When I picked up my '96 4yrs ago I too noticed the drivers side door was somewhat off alignment. I swore the car had been hit prior to my ownership. But now that I see the low mileage wagon with the exact same fit issue, I guess that was normal??

Just got mine back from the shop. I decided I hated how pristine the drivers side door looked, so I dragged it all over the bumper of this elderly womans '08 Impala. I was so pleased with the work that I'd done I cussed my-self into a coma the whole rest of the way to work. It took Radley Chevrolet a little over a week to locate a "Insurance Grade" door since I had so severly stretched the metal it could not be pounded back out. Gotta love driving with your head up your ars.

Anyway, that is a nice looking wagon. Only 50mins from home, if I only had the cash...

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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