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94 RMW White/Wood/Tan SOLD

SOLD. Please Delete. Thanks!

1994 Roadmaster wagon
White/wood/tan leather
LT1 350
Tow package
G80 posi rear

I’ll get some pictures posted up soon.

Newer: (within last 5-10k or so)
Opti, plugs & wires
Water pump (yes, those two were a “related repair”) haha
Airlift 1000’s. The pump worked, but I couldn’t get it to seal after mod’ing the spring to run the bags instead of the shocks. Pulled the fuse to keep from burning it up and ran a Schrader in the fuel door.
Bilstien 0929/1104’s (less than 2k miles)
Crown Vic sway bar (17mm)
Rotors, pads, drums, and shoes

Older repairs & mods (20k or more)
Fuel pump
9C1 fan conversion
Summit Turbos
LeSabre wiper arms
American Racing directional (15”) w/Conti-trac tires. Also includes stock rims with winter tires mounted.
Hockey puck & sewer pipe, will include original 1st & 2nd base if you want it.

It’s been a good car for me for many years. I won’t lie and say they’ve been trouble-free, much of the list above was driven by need more than want. But I’ve really really enjoyed the car and have a lot of great memories from it. I’ve been told more “family vacation” stories at gas stations than I could ever count. I hate to let it go but I just have too many old vehicles to keep up maintenance on. I have to face up to thinning the herd.

The bad: the rear quarters are rusted through and there’s rust showing in the B pillar along with small spots elsewhere. The heater doesn’t blow as hot as I think it should. I know the fan motor is tired as well. I have new replacements for both and they will be included. The front suspension probably needs some attention, maybe just tightening the steering box, maybe tie rods or bushings, I don’t know. I haven’t checked into it but it’s feeling a little loose. There’s other little things; the rear window release, the driver’s rear window track, and the window switches are a little stubborn at times, but they all work.

It has a lot of miles on it – 205k, but I’m confident it has a lot more.

$1800 OBO

Thanks for looking
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