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Okay, long story short, the trans on my Roadmaster is in limp mode. Checking codes through the climate control says code 84--3-2 control solenoid.

Car went to a GM dealer for a trans service, at which point they replaced the 3-2 control solenoid. Dealer told me the problem was actually a bad PCM, said their diagnostics were more indepth than reading codes through the climate control and that there was a short in the PCM causing it to set code 84.

Posted in WTB for a replacement PCM, but some of you suggested that it's rare to have a PCM go bad like this. I'm not a dealership fan--going to this one was a "friend of a friend" kind of arrangement so I'm not inclined to think they're totally lying to me. But still, they were ready to pretty much rape me on costs for a replacement.

With the climate control in diagnostic, I can clear the codes and the car drives fine, no limp mode. Once I come to a complete stop for a couple seconds, code 84 pops back in and the trans goes back to limp mode.

I've yet to get a second opinion (i.e. another PCM scan); does an "official" scan really deliver more complete info than reading codes through the climate control? As anyone had a similar experience that can point me in a possible direction to check? The fuses all seem fine, but the car does have an ABS light, and the temp gauge in non-functional (just in case they could all be connected in some way).

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