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Up for sale is a pair of sideview mirrors and a 96 Impala Owner's Manual.

Mirrors are in fair shape. Would recommend painting + cleaning since there is some stuff like paint in them (white and yellowish). Also most washers to secure to door are gone :(
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT functions work as I just tried them on my Fleet.
Another thing - one mirrror (the smaller of the two) is missing a small spring that goes inside the housing. It provides I guess some tension to keep both parts together. It was rusty so it snapped. Now it doesn't close/open like it should but more like rotates freely :(

The manual is all alone in its carrying case. I am sure there were other things there before like the business card of the salesman who sold it. Nothing else is there. Pages are kind of brownish, not bright white as it might have been when new.

Mirrors will be shipped via FedEx Ground and the manual via US Postal office.

Prices: Mirrors $70 shipped
Owner's Manual $15 shipped.
Paypal or postal money order is ok.

Let me know if interested.

Thank you

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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