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just putting out some feelers for now. my dad used to drive this car. 125k iirc (gonna check when i take pics this weekend), front end is completely shot, too much rust, quarter panel dent, not worth repairing so i got him another caprice.

you should consider this car ONLY if you are looking for a good donor drivetrain. this is NOT a car you want to keep bc of above issues. however, it has a strong and very responsive LT1 (recent wires, opti), 4L60E which shifts perfectly, and working G80.

i want $1250k firm. if it doesn't sell i will pull out the LT1/4L60E to keep around for some later project (or sell separately) and part out the rest.

i know there are no pics, i will take some later and they do not really matter bc as i said cosmetically the car is worthless and i am selling it for the drivetrain. the car has plates and runs/drives so you can check it out.

if interested, please email me directly -- [email protected].
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