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9c1 frame and body. intek lowering spings, rear end is bagged with limiting straps. rear end has 3.73 installed. I have things apart and was going to go hog wild on her, but my daughter wants to get a car and have me teach her to build it up for her 16th bday. I can't say no to that. It has pedals installed for the t-56, and can provide 2 engines, torquethurst d 17-8 wheels, implala ss seats, etc.. the car is totally apart, so you will have to think about it as a giant jigsaw puzzle.

2500 for everything or if you want just some, make me an offer.

I'll put pics up when I can, but they will be posted on my picasa site first.

I can help with shipping.. but I'd expect you to do the bulk of the leg work in terms of getting quotes, arranging things etc...

[email protected]
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